14 km, 600 m up, 830 m down

Our hosts in the BB insisted that we do Croagh Patrick, instead of continuing the Western Way. We did it since Croagh Patrick, after all is the sacred mountain of the Irish.

I don’t write the weather today! Or should I? It was, well, Irish. Nice Irish, I would say.

The climb was strenuous, very steep and on rocky ground. Gasping reached the top and visibility was zero to -1, because we hung in the clouds. Suddenly the clouds moved and revealing views on the beautiful coast: turquoise waters, small islets and green meadows.

On the way down we passed Irish pilgrims. How did we know? They walk barefoot! This is a real challenge, especially on such stony paths. I guess they earned their place in paradise.

We stopped at a neat little creek for lunch and had a nap in the sun before we headed on down.

At the mountain foot we were pretty exhausted and I had enough of walking, but Babs disdained the Taxi waiting there on the parking lot. So another 10 km of asphalt ahead of us. On the way Babs changed her mind and tried to stop a car, without success. So we crawled to the next little town where we finally found a nice little pub to have our daily Guinness. We took the taxi from there and this is how our 6 days in hiking boots ended ;)

Westport was our first contact with civilization, and we went out for the dinner. Unfortunately Friday and all good restaurants were full or fully booked. So pub food again. Afterwards but a great live session in the legendary “Matt Malloy”.