A while ago I was browsing the web to find free photos as decoration for our website photo-sport.de.
The new layout on photosport contains an image for each article. For the articles not related to our images I wanted pics from cameras or the alike because the website is about photography. Besides the known German site pixabay.de, which features more conventional stuff I found the great site unsplash.com. This site offers

Free (do whatever you want) high-resolution photos.”


The pics are published under the license Creative Commons CC0 and I downloaded a couple of images and used them for photosport:

I like the concept and meanwhile I’ve uploaded 25 of my photos. My images have been downloaded 5473 times until today. Curious about where my images get used, I tried Google Image Search to find them on the web:

The following photo has the most downloads (1087) of my images and is ranked 4577…

Since a couple of days unsplash.com has an API with which you can embed images from unsplash.com on your website. E.g. images from a certain category, here “nature”:

Or a random image from the whole unsplash.com stock:

I think this is a great idea and why don’t YOU take part and upload an image from your stock?

This is the link to my images on unsplash.com: KLICK

PS: Now pixabay.de shows also photos from unspalsh.com