Amazing! 30 min. Metro, 30 min bus ride and your in a total different world: Rain forrest, mountains, little villages,  hot springs, steep canyopns with wrenching creeks. But first we tried the local food in Wulai: Very tasty! Especially the deep fried little fish. A hike through the forrest and a dip in the creek. A little refreshment since the temperatures are not much lower than in Taipei.

Drinking beer with the locals, river trout caught by a little boy, bubble tea and old pharmacy on our way back to Taipei.

The next day it was the second mot important Chinese holiday, the dragon boat festival: Boot race with a funfair for kids. Took the bikes to get there, whatched some teenies practicing dance. Oh, and a new food experience: ice cream on a crêpe with peanuts, ground from a big block and cilantro (!).