After 25 hours traveling (Stuttgart-Taipei) we finally reached our first destination in Taiwan. We booked an apartment for 5 via AirBnB as our home base. We’re a group of 4 and have 3 weeks of time.

First impressions: Nice city, very modern, great public transportation system, people are not as open as e.g. in Thailand but once you are in contact very helpful and friendly. You stop in a metro station to check where to walk and imediately somebody asks if you need help.

I have travelled a couple of Asian countries (Thailand, Vietnam, India, Nepal, Japan) and so Taipei is not that “exotic” to me.

The city is very clean. Much cleaner than most of the European cities despite almost no trash bins in public.hen Städte.

Babs has orderd an “Easy Card” from the Tawanese Tourism Office in Frankfurt. You charge money on the card and can use it in a lot of shops, ride the metro and, best thing, hire the YouBikes (bicycles) that are found all over Taipei. Riding the bike in Taipei is fun because the city is flat, you can youse the broad sidewalks On the bike you can quckly ride from one metro station to the other or relax a bit (after an 8 hours walk through the city and museums). High humidity, hot, the airflow while driving is refreshing. Very relaxing!

Food: Lots of soups with different ingridiences, street stands, chickshops along the roads, barbecue. Chicken, fish, squid, ppork, beef, vegetables… After 4 days we all agree that it’s tasty but it could be a little more spicy. They use little salt and the  food is not hot.

First day it rained, little, harde,… Not a big issue because the shops are set back and so you stay dry while walking around. A little spray was refreshing on this warm day.

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