It’s been a while back when I last had a shoot with a model. Inspired by the beautiful time in Piedmont, shooting against the light in a meadow in the warm late day sun, I went out to find the right location.

That was not easy! The location had to fulfill several requirements: Easy access, nice summer meadow with high grass and flowers, suitable background and most importantly: orientation for evening sun. BTW: What meadow is mid / end of August not mowed?! I browsed GoolgeMaps but had to check the conditions on site o be sure. Bird’s eye view alone was not sufficient to find a spot. In addition, the image on GoogleMaps is perhaps already a few years old and the meadow is so no longer there. I made some trips in vain: background with ugly houses or a street, one meadow became a corn field, the place did not fit the direction to he sun.

The tool The Photographer’s Ephemeris supported me in planning. With which you can check for each day of the year and the time the position oft the sun. It is even possible to see when, for example, the sun disappears behind a high mountain or building. A great tool that I highly recommend, if the solar or lunar status is important for your shooting.

Finally I found a location behind Schloss Solitude, Stuttgart. Not perfect but very good. Twice I was there to before the shooting. The second time (a week before the planned shooting), the meadow was still in full bloom. When we arrived with the camera to shoot, crap !, the farmed had mowed the meadow. So we tried to make the best of it and capture the beautiful summer mood even without high grass. The weather was (almost) perfect on this day. At the high temperatures I had some concern that my model will sweat a lot. Burned-out highlights on a nose or forehead is a nightmare in post-production.

In addition, we had to find a suitable date for the model and me. Charlotte did pose, I had a couple of shootings with her before. Shooting with her it is always a pleasure, because she is photogenic, naturally, relaxes and brings their own ideas. Thank you, Charlotte!

I used my X-Pro2 and two lenses, 50-140 mm f / 2.8 and 56mm f / 1.2. No flash was used.