Finally decent winter in the Allgäu! Last weekend I tried snowshoes for the first time.  While the weather on Sunday was cloudy and it started snowing, we had decided not to go skiing. The girls went cross-country skiing and Johannes took out his snowshoes. We started in Petersthal right beside the ski lift and walked up the hill. Via Burgkranzegg, the Burgkranzegger Hörnle up to Mittelberg where we met with the ladies for lunch in the Krone. Snowshoeing is great fun! It’s pretty exhausting, but we experienced deserted, wonderful winter landscape and had a bit the feeling of being on an excursion through the Antarctica. Here are a few impressions from the trip:

Sled dogs

One week earlier there was sled dog event in Unterjoch. Cool stuff ! The dogs are totally insane before the start, can’t wait to head off and run like hell after the start. Incredible how fast and persistent they are! I would like to travel with a dog sled through Lapland, Greenland or anywhere else up there.