While checking for accomodation in Taipei we came across a very cool place: UZ Hostel. Immediately we all said: “let’s check it out!”. And so we booked it for our last night in Taipei.

Capsule hotels are an idea born in Japan to provide cheap accomodation. Basically it’s a dormitory where you have a bit more privacy becaue you have your own (very) little room. The basic capsule hotels look like a honeycomb. Not for people with claustrophobia! More about capsule hotels on Wikipedia.

UZ Hostel is based on the same concept but totally different because very stylish. The capsules are designed in a spaceship way. They advertise with characters from Star Wars.
The capsules are relatively spacey  with TV a small table, USB connectors to charge your devices and an A/C. Men and women are in separate rooms. The luggage gets stored in lockers in the hallway. Upon arrival the guest receive a little basket with a bottle of water, a towel, remote for the TV and earplugs. Breakfast is at Mc Donald round the corner. The hostel is located in central New Teipei with lot’s of shops and restaurants nearby

I really enjoyed my stay. As described above not so much for people who dislike small rooms. I felt more like sleeping in my little 2 person tent: quite cozy.

Click on the following image to open a virtual pano I shot in the capsel. (Star Trek sound was added by me).

Following some more image from inside the Hostel. Courteously provided by Gary from UZ Hostel.

Alle images © Exithamster / UZ Hostel