After Cape Town we headed for the Garden Route but decided not to go along the ocean but through the Little Karoo. We took the Route 62 which is supposed to be the South African version of the Route 66, very popular with bikers.
On the road we stumbled into a biker saloon and had lunch. I got 
Boboti a malayan dish with minced beef and eggs -very tasty!

The road is long, straight, loneley, leads you through nice passes and one has the feeling you’re in the American West. The landscape is breath taking: Rugged mountains, dry valleys with scsttered oasis (plantations). We stayes at a fruit and wine plantation over night.

At night it is so dark you can easily see the milky way. So I tryed my first night shots.

On our way to the coast (Wilderness) we met our first wild animals: ostriches and baboons.

Wilderness is a relaxed little town with a nice beach. Because the Indian Ocean is so cold you often see haze along the beach which looks mystic during dusk.