Photosport has stopped and the website is down. The project ran from Oct. 2013 until Feb. 2015.
Thanks to all visitors and voters!

What is it?

In fall I started the project Photosport  with 5 photo enthusiastic colleagues. Photosport is a blog and a group of five hobby photographer who every 2 weeks publish a picture each on the side Photosport.

How does it work?

Every other week we got a new subject that each of us must realize with an photograph. The topics we define ourselves. Once we have the new task everybody has 2 weeks time to upload his picture anonymous to the blog. All images will be published at the same time and visitors afterwards can vote on which picture they like best . After a week of voting , the outcome of the vote is announced , revealing who made which image .

Why are we doing this?

Because we enjoy photography and want to have a task to think about and practice creativity. Not only to photograph something that pops infront of the lens but go out with plan. And it works! We have great fun doing it and the visitors also seem to like it. We have between 90 and 180 votes per topic.

Join us!

I would be happy, even if YOU stop by at Photosport  and vote , comment or simply look at  the photos. The next images on the topic “Four Lights” will be published 22.12. .