I went out on panorama tour again. This time no cubic 360° but a 2D panorama. It’s great when the city glows in the dark, when the lights in the houses and shops are shining. Especially in winter times: dusk starts early and people are still working in offices and shops.

Stuttgart’s topography results in quite some nice scenic views. The panorama was shot from “Uhlandshöhe”, it consists of 11 shots, done with my X-E2, the 18-55 mm lens with a graduated filter attached to darken the sky. That was a day when we had some snow and it was terribly cold. I drove up on my scooter while the streets where covered with snow and ice. It took me half an our to finish the shots and when I got back to my scooter the seat was covered with ice.

The “Beam” in the map indicates the FOV and direction.