24 km, 314 m up, 288 m down

We started in the morning at around 10 o’clock and the first hours we walked on paved roads, still in a sparsely populated area.

We walked along the largest Irish Lake, Lough Corrib, which covers around 180 km2.

At some point the road ended and finally arrived in the wild. The trail is perfectly signposted and the detailed route description from Hillwalk Tours and map of the trails is actually not required. A quick look on the GPS device once in a while showed us our actual position.

Quite a long part oft he route went through a beautiful bog on wooden planks.

The weather was over mostly dry with only a few brief showers.
Tired, happy and with heavy legs we arrived at the Hotel in Maam and enjoy the first Guinness of the day and could watch the German football game against Slovakia.
BTW: We met only one other hiker that day…