Stuttgart at Night

I discovered the fun again in shooting panoramic images. For my light Fuji equipment I bought a similarly light panoramic head. I had to practice with it and change my post-production workflow. Now everything it works smoothly. There are still once in a while problems with the bottom picture but I feel I’m not the only one in the panorama community having those

The great summer in Stuttgart has inspired me to strike out at night with the camera. I have tried to capture the mood right after sunset.

The City Council Stuttgart does much to illuminate the city more beautiful and curb the “light pollution” (Lichtmasterplan). Public buildings will no longer be illuminated with floodlights, but accentuated illuminated, which is beautiful and atmospheric. My favorite place in the evening is the Schillerplatz. The good old Friedrich is illuminated only by two spot lights and the whole place has therefore a great atmosphere. Thus, the Schillerplatz becomes the a chiller place (Uaaah, bad joke!).

With 5 panoramas I now start the new series. Some places that are on my list, are currently under construction, so the project will take a while to be finished.

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For the techies: I use the Ultralight Panohead from TomShot 360 together with the  Samyang 8mm Fisheye for Fuji. I shoot with manual settings (focus, white balance, aperture, shutter speed, ISO) in RAW format. The images get “developed” in Adobe Lightroom and exported as TIFF files. The stitching is  done  by PTGui and the virtual panorama tour I create using Pano2VR. Corrections to the zenith and nadir, and the insertion of my logo, I do in Photoshop.