My review of my year 2018 will be in two parts this time, because too many images have made it into the final round and I want to report about my new long-term project:

Forays in the West

I like to stroll around my part of Stuttgart: the Stuttgart-West. Once in a while I carry a camera and snap things I find worth to. Often I discover new motifs even on the beaten tracks. Last summer I had the idea for a new long-term project: I’ll walk every street in the district Stuttgart-West.


The maps shows that the district also has lots of forrest. I’ll start with the streets in the city first and maybe later add the paths of the forrest. Four times I was on the road with the camera already:

Streifzüge Stand Dezember 2018

Following a collection of shots I took (click to enlarge the images):

Exhibition Korrespondenzen

From beginning of July until September Gwendolyn and myself could show works from our project Korrespondenzen in the city hall of Aidlingen. Besides the about 20 pieces of art from the project, we both could put other works on display as well.
The opening was a success: around 80 people attended.

The following images where shot by Bernd Eidenmüller. Many thanks, Bernd!

The exhibition was a huge success. It was great to see all the images from the project all in one room. Many thanks to Erika Hambel who helped to make it happen.