Musikvideo "100 Brote"

I have already supported the musician Die Konsequenz from Stuttgart several times with video editing. When she asked me if I could imagine making a music video for her song 100 Brote, I immediately said yes.

The location, the Fleischermusem Böblingen, was set but we still had to develop the script together. After checking out the location and a few meetings, the plan was in place. We shot everything on a Saturday in May 2021. Our talents: Friedi as byo with the uneaten sandwiches, Karolin Kornelsen as mother.

The green screen shots where done the yoga studio Fuß über Kopf.

The Stuttgarter Zeitung published an article about the music and the video.

Images without (c)ow watermark: Die Konsequenz


Meine Freunde Marion und Paul live on the greek Island Lefkas. They rent a house for holiday and just recently opened a microbrewery and restaurant. I shot some videos for their websites.

Stop motion clip "Auf der Party"

Gwendolyn made a stop-motion film for Die Konseequenz with great effort. I supported her with video editing and effects.