After visiting Bodie we drove a bit further and found a spot on a campground at Twin Lakes. The night was very cold and so was the morning:But no cloud in the sky (like all other days) and so it got warmer quite quick and when traveling on we could see what we missed in the dark of last night: image In the next small town we shopped grocery in a small General Store bevor heading for Mono Lake.

Afterwards to Death Valley. We had planned to be there in the afternoon to avoid the mid day’s heat. When we got there it had only 40°C, which was comfortable. But before we reached the Death Valley we drove through a scenery that matched the images on our minds with the label “The Wild West”:

The company we rented the RV allows you to travel Death Valley but the tell you ” in case something happens you have to pay for a new car, the roadside service, tow etc”.  So we drove carefully with one eye on the temperature gauge. The landscape is georgious, check it out:

The Furnace Creek campground was interesting, we were almost on our own. Under the millions of stars w spent the night watching a movie on the ipad with beer, chips and nuts. This probably was the hottest night in my life(temperature wise): The temperature in our RV didn’t drop below 38°C!

Early next morning we left for Zabriskie Point, because our friend Marion has said we got to go there and that this is somehow realted to the cover of an Pink Floyd album… I don’t know…Nice place though!