In June we spent 3 days in Milan. Found a nice flat through Airbnb and had good tips from friends in our pockets …

… first to the Expo. The expectations were high and so was the temperatures that day! We had over 35°C and queuing up to get into the pavillons was not much fun. Some had a kind of water spray devices installed which was refreshing. We skipped the very long queues because it was tooooo hot. In the end we some a couple of nice things but I wouldn’T recommend a travel to see only the Expo. We also visited the city of Milan (for the first time) and so overall we had a great time.

Milan is an exciting city, because there next to each other you find modern and historical architecture:

The city has a good atmosphere! We made a long walk from our lodging (near Porta Garibaldi station) to the city center, then continue to the south to the channel Navigilio Grande. There are nice shops and pubs on the waterfront. Lunch was in a Sicilian Restaurant: Penne con le Sarde.

On Sunday we went to see a terrific exhibition before flying back to Stuttgart  in the afternoon: Arts and Foods