Day 2: 18 km, 314m up, 288 m down
Day 3: 19 km, 250 m up, 320 m donw

On the second day – what a miracle – we woke up without sore muscle, and where eager to start, but the weather gods threw every drop of water they had on us… But what have we brought our excellent rain gear for?

My friend Jochen keeps saying: “The one that throws so much, sooner or later runs out of it”. And that came true. We hiked up a pass to a St. Patrick’s pilgrimage place and thanked for the change of weather.
That night we had an exquisite dinner in the cozy Lough Inagh Lodge.

On Tuesday, we had to walk back a bit before we got on the Western Way. The sky had heavy rain showers on it’s menu of the day and we made ourselves comfortable in our rain gear.

In the Tallaghnarhall forest, we’ve set the warning about lumber work at naught and followed our way. That was not dangerous but very interesting, because a heavy forest truck had dug itself into the soil and was stuck. We had fun for half an hour watching the futile attempts to pull the vehicle out of the mud. Nice change of pace, for us at least.

Unfortunately, the original trail was gone at some point and we had to find our way out of the forest with the help of our GPS. The road was very muddy and we craved in over our ankles – revenge for our rubbernecking?

Shortly before we reached Leenaun, we finally saw the Atlantic sea.

Our reward for the day: Irish beer, like every day!

All images between Lough Inagh and Lennaun shot with the phone because the battery of my Fuji was dead :(