The Taiwanese speak and write Chinese. That makes traveling and getting around sometimes a bit different for us Europeans. Many Taiwanese speak English but not all. Good to have the Google Translater app on the smartphone! You take a picture of e.g. the text on a signpost and tell the app what part to translate.

Unfortunately that doesn’t work very well with Chinese. With Google’s translation of the menu you often know at least what kind of animal is offered. Example:

  • Hill Tribe Restaurant Cup Dear  $ 200
  • Stan onsen tamago wild vegetable-Tempura  $ 150
  • Valentine Tears $ 200
  • Sign, keeping of animals Chang Shan tribe $ 250
  • Murdered pork meat fried onions $ 250
  • Qiao Yi left kiss fish fried man $ 250
  • Embroidery fried Conch $ 200
  • Salad Bobcats leather $ 250
  • Iron barrier mane $250
  • flyfish caviar salad $ 250
  • Flies salty crispy Madarahato $ 280
  • Li hatched $ 250
  • Jalan fried meat $ 200
  • Provoke apricot $ 200
  • (100 Taiwan $ = 3 €)

Wow: „Flies salty crispy“, „Provoke apricot“, „Salad Bobcats Leather“?? ? „Murdered pork meat…” Is the owner an animal welfarist? At least the pig is dead when the serve it.

We’re lucky and didn’t get  strange food so far, neither flies nor angry apricots. If the restaurant has no English menu, there’s alway some helpful guest with a few English words helping out. Our motto: “let’s se what we get today…”. The food was very good most of the times!

Means we’re not totally “lost in translation”.