After a very quiet night on a small National Forrest campground on the edge of the Grand Canyon NP , we left early heading for Joshua Tree NP . It was a long drive led us through through the desert . A part of our route was legendary Route 66.
The ride through the Mojave Desert was like watching a road movie: Dry , dusty, only little vegetation, the air shimmers with heat , no houses, no people , the road straight … We only became slightly nervous when the sign said “Next service : 50 Miles ” . Our gasoline should last … It was enough and after 50 miles wasteland we came to the gas station in the middle of nowhere. Gas was so pricy that we have not fully filled up.

Abandoned houses in the nowhere.

Late afternoon we arrived at Joshua Tree Park and fell in love with the fabulous landscape and our spot on the campground (I know that I keep on repeating myself…).

A little walk over the campground:

Got up 1 o’clock nighttime to shoot stars.

Next day we did a hike and changed to another campground which wasn’t less great.