The 11-day hike on the Jomsom trail in Nepal was so much fun, so I could convince Babs for a walking holiday in Ireland. She loves to hike in the Alps and so do I but this time I didn’t want to sleep in the rather primitive dorms in the mountain cabins.

We booked the tour with an Irish agency (Hillwalk Tours), which has planned the route, booked accommodation and provided all the information, such as maps, the “road book”, tips for going out and dining, history of Ireland etc.

We just had to book our flights and transfer from/to start and end point ouf the tour. We have stayed in B + Bs. For 6 days we hiked the Western Way through Connemara, a rather deserted area in the west of Ireland.


Arrival and Galway

The flight was Friday afternoon from Stuttgart to Dublin and we spent one night there before we head for Galway on Saturday.

One Night in Dublin
Riding West with the Train

The town is small (75 000 inhabitants), friendly and lively. I was there on earlier trips to Ireland and knew, It’s a nice place to hang out for a couple of hours.