The Stuttgart port is one stop of the open museum night in Stuttgart (“Langen Nacht der Museen”)

The organizer hired me to shoot the event. I had an assignment to shoot the event. The artist Philipp Geist from Berlin collected terms and words related to the river and created light installations and projections with these. Projectors where located on the pears and in the shipped that cruised the harbor with the visitors.

It was a challenge to shoot the event because it was very dark… I shot with ISO up to 6400. This was mainly because the projections moved and so I needed relatively short shutter speeds. I’m happy with the results though. The sensor noise of the X-Pro2 isn’t that bad for these high ISOs i used. The autofocus performance was a surprised, although the scene was very dark, it was spot on and missed only a couple of times. The upgrade to the X-Pro2 was a good decision!