The Grand Canyon is BIG!! How big and deep you’ll realize once you stand at the rim.This is a beaten track with lots of tourists and the central campground is per reservation only (half a year in advance). So we went to desert view campground which is a bit away but beautiful set in nature. We arrived in the afternoon, made a walk along the (south) rim and tried to get Wifi access. We got access but the connection was so slow, nothing to do but watch the sand clock . I bought a SIM card from AT+T for the US with a data plan but no connection since two days :(

The next day we hiked into the canyon. Warning signs everywhere how strenuous the tour ia and not to try down and up in one day. The height difference is 1500 m and the high temperatures add onother factor. Every year, hundreds of hikers are rescued by the Rangers out of the canyon, because they are too exhausted to go on. Since we were a bit late, we set out to: climb down 2 hours down, have our brake and then back to the rim. At -400 m stood a Ranger who asks people where they’re heading, whether they are fit and whether they carry enough water. He gave 2 girls in flip-flops, with only a quarter liter of water, the strong advised to go back up. We had mixture of sun and clouds and thus not as hot as usual, so we had a great walk. The canyon is beautiful and you really have to go down to experience it. Its not enough to stand at the rim and look down! Images can hardly depict the dimensions

After a couple of days without a decent shower we were happy to use the camper service provided. Had a hot shower, did some laundry, had internet access and I could upload two blog posts.