As of 08 February, I’ll exhibit  images at Ackermanns. This time, from the series “Live on Stage” . 14 motifs will be displayed for about 3 months.

For several years I regularly take my camera to concerts to shoot the artists on stage or the audience. So I can combine two hobbies : photography and music.

In the pictures I’m trying to catch atmosphere and emotions .

Taking photos at concerts is a challenge , because many locations won’t allow a camera to bring, although today many take pictures or videos with their smartphone at concerts and a constantly block the view . In addition, I take pictures without flash to capture the mood and light , it’s usually packed with people, loud , hot, DARK and you are constantly being pushed. But still it is fun !

Come around to Ackermanns  and give me your feedback. That’s the way:

[map id=”map_ackermanns” lat=”48.775223″ long=”9.156127″ zoom=”17″ marker=”custom” info_title=”Ackermanns”  info_content=”Bebelstraße 20 – 70176 Stuttgart  –  Mo-So ab 17 Uhr  –”  width=”100%” height=”300px”]


The images can be bought by the way. The price can be found at the respective motifs on site.