Last year November I moved to the pre-geriatric department. Fair enough to look for a new bike now. Stylish and electrified, due to I’m “old” now. Is there something like an e-bike which is stylish? Yes! Ampler in Estonia is selling such bikes. I became aware about Ampler in an Article of the German ZEIT MAGAZIN, where the author states:

[…] I think on most e-bikes peolpe look goofy- which is related to the bike, not the rider. […]

bikes from Ampler are a step forward in terms of style and technology. The electric motor is located in the rear wheel and thus disguised, same like the battery, which is buildt into the frame. […]

(ZEITMAGAZIN No. 45/2016, 

Motor and battery disguised? Sounds exiting because I DON’T want to look goofy. Checked the internet, compared bikes, considered back and forth and then ordered the Bilberry. I had to be patient. Ordered in December and last week I got delivered.  But the waiting was worth while, the bike is special and stylish indeed!

Fit a handlebar bag to carry my stuff when going on a tour and a mount for my smartphone.

Since the weather was forcasted nice for today, I planned a little tour on the website Komoot: With the train to S-Vaihingen, through the valley of Körsch creek to Esslingen, uphill to the tower at Katharinenlinde, to Rotenberg and back home. Here’s the GPX file if you want to do the same tour.

First break in Plieningen already, because they sell yummy ice cream there. Riding on along the Körsch creek, collecting ramson along the way.

Stupid me, I didn’t fix the bike seat properly and had no allen wrench with me. Gradually the seat tiltet backwards which became… say… unpleasant. None of the bikers I asked along my route could help. Finally in Esslingen, a helpful gardener had the right wrench and saved my life (sort of).

Esslingen ist worth a visit and pretty picturesque!

Leaving Esslingen I stressed the battery on the ride uphill to Katharinenlinde. Even riding on an e-bike, sweat began to poor. At the day trippers restaurant: Shit, only 3,20 € left in my wallet. I’m thirsty! Want a beer! What a coincidence that the bear exactly costs 3,20 €…

Beeing on a bike tour with an empty walltet is no fun, especially when the next destination is a wine pub. So I head down the hill to Uhlbach to the nearest ATM and  back up the hill to Rotenberg. I like e-bike!

For a wine cooler one should not use cheap wine. “Boy” has to decide if he will come back soon. (the text on the glass is from a popular German song: “boy come back again soon”)… But the view, the view!

Downhill to the Neckar river at the speed of sound. Giving the battery a rest. Oh how much I like the disk brakes! Neckar valley bike rout, between Daimler and river, concrete to the right, water to the left. Stand-up paddlers and ducks. The city is getting closer. Then this weird place: camp site Cannstatter Wasen, the only one in Stuttart. Squeezed in between Daimler’s test track and the Stuttgart Beer Festival. Who is camping here and why?

The Beer Festival is crowded, people walking waveringly from side to side, strange costumes, yelling, screaming, smell of roasted (burned) almonds , headspinnig rides. Ride on, quick! In the park Unteren Schlossgarten: my type of people in Flora und Fauna, the wallkways packed with promenanders, strollers, joggers, bicycles, kickboards, longboards, shortboards. Wheelchair overtakes Bobby-Car, groups, singles, big families, couples… Half of Stuttgart’s people are out here in this green haven. Who’s the one to blame them? The barbecue season has started: steam, smoke, fire, flavor, smell of burning. Is anybody going to eat this?
Picnic rug, playing Frisbee, taking a nap, a sunbath, hanging around, slowing down, relaxing. Inbetween the ducks, geese, the waste, what else.

The colorful dressed day-trippers meet black ties infront of the Stuttgart Opera House

Stop-over at Café Graf Eberhard to spare me a goody. The folks from Stuttgart West meet at the Feuersee. I like the way they changed the place!

I don’t mind if it’s going to rains on Labor Day (in Germany: 1st of May). I’ll prepare my tax return and will look forward to my next bike tour!