From the sea side to the Drakensberge

After a long drive through Transkei (part 2) we enterred KwaZulu-Natal and drove to the Drakensberge (Dragon’s Mountains). Absolutly crazy how all of a sudden the landscape changed after leaving the Transkei. Small houses scattered all over in Transkei and the part of KZN we enterred was deserted farmland as far as one can see. The roads 20 Km long, straigth, no bends, going up and down the hills. This again reminded us of images from the USA.

So did the impressive mountains that appeared on the horizon. Like the Rockys or Grand Canion, but covered with green.We did two short walks on the way to Sani Pass (höchster Pass South Africa’s, 2873 m) and in Giant’s Castle. In Royal Natal National Park (Tendele Camp) we did a 7 hours hike.

The drive from Giant’s Castle to Tendele Camp was a bit of an adventure: 120 Km dirt road with potholes our Polo almost fitted in. It took us 3 hours to master the way and the car was very dirty afterwards.

In the evening we had packs of baboons  loafing around our chalets, in the morning we had an antilope on our deck. The view: splendid!
Big challenge for Babs: wading through the rapid stream (2x).

On the way to Sani Pass

Giant's Castle

Tendele Camp