I went to two concerts recently: Ben Caplan und Get Well Soon. Neither in Club Manufaktur in Schorndorf, nor in Wizemann I had trouble to use my camera.

Get Well Soon was the first event with my new X-Pro2. I used the 56 mm lens quit a bit, which is said to not have the fastest AF in low light conditions. I shot many images wide open and realized later that the AF was fast during shooting but not always spot on. The shallow DOF has made a couple of the images no-keepers. Means: low light, moving objects, stop down a bit. Truism… The  18-55 mm lens did a perfect job in terms of AF.

While I love to use the OVF of the  X-Pro2 it was unusable for me in this kind of shooting. I used the EVF instead which suited me perfect and much better than the X-T1 (in fact one of the reason why I got the X-Pro2). My trouble with the X-T1 EVF seems to be related to my eye sight or better: lack of.

Get Well Soon in Wizemann

Stuttgart, 08.03.2016, Im Wizemann

Ben Caplan

Schorndorf, 02.02.2016, Club Manufaktur

At the Ben Caplan concert I used the X-E2.