Steel Burns!

You take steel wool, a basket with a string, light the steel wool with a lighter and swing it around. The atmospheric oxygen and the draft light the steel wool that much that it almost burns up to ash (iron oxide?).

I did some experiments with steel wool in the past, as described this und that post. Sven wanted to do this as well for quite some time and when he found a good location for our performance, Uta, Sven and I went there to play with fire.

Steel wool doesn’t burn fast but doing a long exposure (around 30 sec.), nice effects are caught by the camera.

[All shots in this Post: Sven operating the camera, Uta, Sven und Oli performing]


The following scuffles are also shot with bulb exposure nachfolgenden. Sven set up a couple of strobes which he repeatedly fired to catch the different positions of the performers. A kind of long/multiple exposure.