The Night, The Morning

Oooh how sound was our sleep: 9 hours… Got up at 6 am and watched the sun rising and the nature awakening. Nescafé is really not my thing but Babs is OK with it. Since there’s just a small cooker and a kettle what can you do? Breakfast infront of the shelter and we very much enjyoed to be in open air again.
Babs deperetly wants jam for Breakfast, so she had to walk to the little village shop to get one before we left for the hike.

The Tour

© Ilha a pé
© Ilha a pé

The second tour was from Malbusca to Lapa, a distance of 12 km and around 500 m up and down. Again mostly along the coast through areas with red dirt, up on a hill with an ancient whalers’ lockout, down to a (dry) waterfall, which was truely georgous and reminded us that the Azores islands were formed by vulcanos.

Our lunch (salad with fruits and strips of fillet) was served by the granddaughter of the man who owned the Malbusca shelter. She was totally excited and didn’t want to stop talking. Finally we shooed her into the kitchen (“we’re hungry!”).
Our swimming took place in a seawater pool. Again a very welcome refreshment because this day was hot again. Soon after the sweat started poring again as we climbed the steep steps to get to the tableland again. Babs did it the way the Asians do: she used her umbrella as a shade. The cows along the way found that pretty absorbing. In Bavaria hardly ever a cow will raise it’s head when a hiker passes by. Here we definitely were the attraction of the day.
The shelter again lies in a great, lonely spot, surrounded by dense hedges, cattle close by staring. Hurray, cold beer!