On the third day our feet did their job without telling them. But my backpack is a bit of a pain. Not so heavy (Raincover, sweater and walking sticks are not in any longer) but it’s not very comfortable to carry. It’s hard to find a backpack with a small camera compartment and a larger one for the hiking gear. Basically a backpack for hiking where the camera can be accessed easily. Most backpacks for cameras are made for cameras only. Manufacturers: do something!

Today we had to do a distance of 17,5 Km and to climb 500 m elevation. The profile shows that there’s again a steep climb from sea level on. Sweat was pouring, almost no clouds and high temperatures…

© Ilha a pé
© Ilha a pé

My Nescafé problem is solved! While I still have a cup in the morning at the shelter, later the day I always find a small bar where I can get a Galao. Not absolutely like Cappussino but very tasty, real coffee. The tour is save no!

We hiked through nice hollow-ways, covered with bushes or trees, like tunnels. Uphill, downhill, today a little off the shoreline. Swimming in the ocean! Again before our steep climb. 3210 steps (it felt like so) from sea level. Can you see how exhausted we are? But we’re lucky: blackberry bushes everywhere. A good reason to stop along the way, take a breath…

Houses in the little villages are mostly painted in proper white with blue around doors and windows, often decorated with ceramic tiles, showing saints or local heroes. Many cottages seem unpeopled, often we saw “for sale” signs.

Interesting encounter today: we met a guy who had to check the waterlines for leaks with a kind of microphone. He was very nice and explained everything in detail. He had a long way to go (all roads in the village) and we left him with best wishes to find the leak soon.

Today we arrived late at our shelter, sun was starting to set already and we were pretty exhausted. Did the laundry quckly and then a cold drink. Amazing how fast the clothes dry in sun and wind. Thus we can wear the same stuff every day. Did you realize it already?

The was is teriffic again: meadows and sea. We’re loving it!