In the last couple of month I often grab one of my film cameras to go out shooting: the compact and versatile Canon A-1, most of the time with the 35 mm prime lens, the 6×9 “monster” Fujica GL690 Proand my 6×6 meduim format work horse  Zenza Bronica SQ-Ai. Different film stocks I use in the cameras and I like to experiment with films that show strong or unpredictable effects.

CineStill 800T

This is old Tungsten balanced cinema movie stock where the paperback was removed by CineStill and they sell it in 35 and 120 format. The look is special and it typically shows strong halos around lights. One film was around one year in the camera. Maybe that’s why the colours look so weird? Anyway I like the results.

Adox Color Implosion

A very interesting film which unfortunately has reached end of life and Adox will be produced it any longer. Depending on the ISO you set the camera to (between ISO 100 to 800) the film shows a different color look. I used mine at ISO 100.